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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Definitions for fortitudinous

  1. marked by bravery or courage; having or showing fortitude.

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Citations for fortitudinous
... he had the honour to introduce to him as brave and as fortitudinous a man as any in the king's dominions. Henry Fielding, Amelia, 1751
But that was always her fortitudinous style. She never showed her hand, never articulated the inherent sadness which so clearly lurked behind her stoical veneer. Douglas Kennedy, The Pursuit of Happiness, 2001
Origin of fortitudinous
The uncommon English adjective fortitudinous is more English than Latin. The Latin adjective fortis means “brave, strong, powerful,” both physically and mentally. The noun fortitūdo (inflectional stem fortitūdin-) is a derivative of the adjective; there is no Latin adjective fortitūdinōsus derived from the stem fortitūdin-. Fortitudinous entered English in the 18th century.