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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Definitions for palmy

  1. glorious, prosperous, or flourishing: the palmy days of yesteryear.
  2. abounding in or shaded with palms: palmy islands.
  3. palmlike.

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Citations for palmy
Back in those palmy days, I would never have predicted what has recently occurred: I've become a turncoat, a mugwump, a snake-in-the-grass. I have become a part-time New Yorker. Luc Sante, "Paradise, Part-time," New York, December 22–29, 1997
Those were the palmy days of commercial supremacy and the seas were dotted with vessels from the old town. Frederick Starr, "Anthropological Work in America," The Popular Science Monthly, July 1892
Origin of palmy
Palmy in its literal sense “made or covered with palm leaves” first appears in English in the mid-15th century. Its current, most common sense, “prosperous, flourishing,” first appears in Hamlet (1603).
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