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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Definitions for brachylogy

  1. brevity of diction; concise or abridged form of expression.

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Citations for brachylogy
The term for the omission of words that are intended to be "understood" by the reader is ellipses. Its extreme or irregular form has a name in Greek rhetoric: brachylogy, relying on the listener to supply the missing words, much as I relied on the reader to put a verb in the sentence fragment "A profound question, that." William Safire, “On Language: Microwave of the Future,” New York Times, September 30, 1990
If Plato is letting Socrates allude to his elaborate comparison in the Republic of the class structure of the city to the soul's structure, it is safe to say that so compressed a brachylogy can hardly be matched anywhere else. Seth Benardete, The Rhetoric of Morality and Philosophy: Plato's Gorgias and Phaedrus, 1991
Origin of brachylogy
English brachylogy comes straight from the Greek noun brachylogía “brevity of speech or writing” and is generally positive in its connotations. Brachylogía, unsurprisingly, was attributed to the Spartans. Brachylogy entered English at the end of the 16th century.