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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Definitions for apopemptic

  1. pertaining to leave-taking or departing; valedictory.
  2. Obsolete. a farewell address; valedictory.

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Citations for apopemptic
Only to the fool who believes all truths debatable, who believes true virtue resides not in men but in eulogies, true sorrow not in partings but in apopemptic hymns, and true thought nowhere but in atramentaceous scrollery--only to him is elegant style, mere scent, good food. John Gardner, Jason & Medeia, 1973
Their apopemptic ride was an escape, and because pursuit was assumed--because the men at the door to Major Medicine had been told that they were fugitives from Dallas justice--it took on the character of a stampede. William Manchester, The Death of a President, 1967
Origin of apopemptic
The English apopemptic is a straightforward borrowing of the Greek adjective apopemptikós, “pertaining to dismissal, valedictory,” a derivative of the adverb and preposition apό- “off, away” and the verb pémpein “to send,” a verb with no clear etymology. The Greek noun pompḗ, a derivative of pémpein, means “escort, procession, parade, magnificence,” adopted into Latin as pompa (with the same meanings), used in Christian Latin to refer to the ostentations of the devil, especially in baptismal formulas, e.g., “Do you reject the devil and all his pomps?” Apopemptic entered English in the mid-18th century.