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Monday, December 25, 2017

Definitions for yule

  1. Christmas, or the Christmas season.

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Citations for yule
They bring me sorrow touch'd with joy, / The merry merry bells of Yule. Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam, 1850
Yule, Karácson, or Christmas, all is the same, if we imitate our ancestors today in one thing; if by laughter, good cheer, and presents we drive off the modern devils called blue and make ourselves happy through the happiness we induce in others. , "Why Yule?" New York Times, December 25, 1887
Origin of yule
The English were converted to Christianity centuries before the Norse (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians), and in Old English geōl (earlier geohol) and geōl(a) mean “Christmas day, the twelve days of Christmas, Christmastide.” Old English maintains the phrases se ǽrra geōla (“the earlier Yule”) and se æftera geōla (“the later Yule”) for December and January, respectively. Old English geōl and its other forms corresponds exactly to Old Norse (Icelandic) jόl, the name of the pagan winter feast lasting 12 days, later applied to Christmas. Yule entered English before 900.