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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Definitions for pinguid

  1. fat; oily.

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Citations for pinguid
He is a mighty mass of pinguid bronze, with a fat lisp, and a broad sunflower smile, and he lectures us with a vast and genial breadth of manner on the ruins, contradicting all our guesses at things with a sweet "Perdoni, signori! ma---." William Dean Howells, Italian Journeys, 1867
What did his consuming of that inordinately pinguid sandwich mean? Henry Roth, A Diving Rock on the Hudson, 1995
Origin of pinguid
The Latin adjective pinguis means “fat, fertile, plump, in good condition” and by extension “heavy, dull, gross, stupid.” The English adjective pinguid may derive from Medieval Latin pinguidus (with the same meaning as pinguis), or it may derive from pingu- (the stem of pinguis) and the suffix -id, as in fetid, humid, and pallid. Pinguid entered English in the 17th century.