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Friday, December 29, 2017

Definitions for bedizen

  1. to dress or adorn in a showy, gaudy, or tasteless manner.

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Citations for bedizen
Prithee, young one, who art thou, and what has ailed thy mother to bedizen thee in this strange fashion? Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, 1850
Things begin passably but unexcitingly with the fantasies of fifteen-year-old Janet-Ann, who imagines herself an Oscar-winning movie star as she extracts various gewgaws from her truck and proceeds to bedizen herself with them ... John Simon, "Of, By, and For the Birds," New York, June 25, 1984
Origin of bedizen
Bedizen is not a common verb in English. It is a derivative of the even more uncommon verb dizen, which occurs only from the 16th century and becomes obsolescent by the end of the 19th century. The element diz- is probably the same as in distaff “a staff for holding flax or wool for spinning” and is probably related to Middle Low German dise “bunch of flax on a staff for spinning.” Bedizen entered English in the 17th century.