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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Definitions for horsefeathers

  1. Slang. rubbish; nonsense; bunk (used to express contemptuous rejection).
  2. Slang. (used with a singular or plural verb) something not worth considering.

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Citations for horsefeathers
At the risk of seeming disrespectful, I rise to cry: "Horsefeathers!" John R. Tunis, "Are Fraternities Worthwhile? No!" The Rotarian, September 1937
"Horsefeathers!" Gus snorted. "Why, that's the dumbest--" Arnold Bateman, "Gus," Boys' Life, April 1949
Origin of horsefeathers
Horsefeathers is a polite euphemism, originally American, for the impolite horseshit. The cartoonist William “Billie” De Beck (1890–1942) claimed credit for coining the word in 1928.