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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Definitions for jannock

  1. British, Australian Informal. honest; fair; straightforward.

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Citations for jannock
... this beautiful damsel that lived in the kingdom of the great Mogul, had many suitors--sweethearts as we call them in Lancashire--but none of them was jannock but one ... Samuel William Ryley, The Itinerant; or, Memoirs of an Actor, Volume VI, 1817
For instance, it was "scarcely jannock" of your reviewer to suggest that I borrowed part of my plot from some other novelist when he cannot in the nature of things know that I did so. William Westall, "To the Editor of The Speaker," The Speaker, April 26, 1902
Origin of jannock
Jannock “honest, straightforward” is a British and Australian word of recent origin and uncertain etymology, first recorded only in the 19th century.