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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Definitions for doodlesack

  1. a bagpipe.

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Citations for doodlesack
You wouldn't happen to have brought a shawm or a doodlesack with you, by any chance? Or even a kazoo? Charlotte MacLeod, The Silver Ghost, 1988
Kurdis put his hands to his kannel, the piper blew into his doodle sack and the assembled crowd moved across the courtyard. Friedebert Tuglas (1886–1971), "The Mermaid," The Poet and the Idiot And Other Stories, translated by Eric Dickens, 2007
Origin of doodlesack
Doodlesack, a respelling of German Dudelsack “bagpipe,” literally “bagpipe sack,” is a rare word in English. The German word is, or seems to be, a derivative of dudeln “to tootle” (unless the verb is a derivative of the noun). Even in German Dudelsack appears not to be a native word but is likely to be a borrowing from a Slavic language, e.g., Polish and Czech dudy “bagpipe.” Doodlesack entered English in the mid-19th century.
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