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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Definitions for moxie

  1. Slang. courage; nerve; determination.
  2. Slang. vigor; verve; pep.
  3. Slang. skill; know-how.

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Citations for moxie
“The only safe thing is to take a chance,” she told Nichols, who was both amazed at her moxie and inspired by her trust in him. , "Sweet and Sour," The New Yorker, June 13, 2005
He's not a natural singer ... but like the kid in the school play who sells the thing by sheer force of moxie, Crowe handily wins us over. Richard Lawson, "'Les Miserables': Destroying Cynicism with Song," The Atlantic, December 17, 2012
Origin of moxie
Moxie originally was the trademark of a carbonated soft drink that was created by Dr. Augustin Thompson, a homeopathic physician who was born in Maine and spent his professional life in Massachusetts. Dr. Thompson patented his beverage in 1885 and promoted it as a “nerve tonic” or “nerve food.” Moxie, the drink, has always been associated with New England: Calvin Coolidge liked it; Ted Williams endorsed it on the radio; the state of Maine made Moxie its official soft drink in 2005. Moxie’s lowercase sense "courage, spirit, vigor" entered English in the 20th century.