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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Definitions for cerebrate

  1. to use the mind; think or think about.

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Citations for cerebrate
To think, then, is to cerebrate. To worry is to cerebrate intensely. George Wharton James, Quit Your Worrying!, 1917
If you simply retire to your own room, shove your backside into an excessively sprung easy chair, and there grimly cerebrate, the chances are that you will eventually do no more than crawl into bed -- to wake up six to eight hours later with an unsolved conundrum and a filthy headache. Michael Innes, An Awkward Lie, 1971
Origin of cerebrate
The verb cerebrate is a back formation from the noun cerebration, which is a derivative of the Latin noun cerebrum “brain, understanding.” Cerebrum is a derivative of a very widespread, very complicated Proto-Indo-European root ker- “uppermost part of the body, head, horn, nail (of the finger or toe).” This root has many variant forms and is related to the Latin noun crābro “hornet” (English hornet comes from the same root), Greek kár “head” and kéras “horn,” and German Hirn “brain." Cerebrate entered English in the 19th century.