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Monday, February 26, 2018

Definitions for hyetal

  1. of or relating to rain or rainfall.

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Citations for hyetal
What grand cause has operated to disturb the ordinary rate of hyetal precipitation ... is a question to be studied by climatologists. , "The Drought and Smoky Days in Central New-York," New York Times, July 23, 1864
Hyetal regions, mean annual cloudiness, co-tidal lines, cyclonic rotations, and progressive low pressure systems are not charming in themselves. Michael Innes, There Came Both Mist and Snow, 1940
Origin of hyetal
The English adjective hyetal is very uncommon, used only in meteorology. The Greek noun hyetόs means “rain”; the noun hyetía means “rainy weather”; both nouns derive from the verb hýein “to rain.” In English and other languages (German, for example), verbs of weather and natural phenomena are impersonal (e.g., it is raining, es regnet; it is snowing, es schneit). In Greek, however, such verbs are personal, Zeus or another god being understood as the subject if not explicitly named; thus hýei means to a Greek not “it is raining,” but “Zeus is raining,” and neíphei “Zeus is snowing.” Hyetal entered English in the 19th century.