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Saturday, March 03, 2018

Definitions for tzimmes

  1. fuss; uproar; hullabaloo: He made such a tzimmes over that mistake!
  2. Also, tsimmes. Jewish Cookery. any of various sweetened combinations of vegetables, fruit, and sometimes meat, prepared as a casserole or stew.

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Citations for tzimmes
Don't make a tzimmes out of it. You gonna upset the children ... Mary Doria Russell, Epitaph, 2015
Why do you have to make such a tzimmes over the maids' stairs. Péter Nádas, Parallel Stories, translated by Imre Goldstein, 2011
Origin of tzimmes
Tzimmes comes from Yiddish tsimes and is related to Swabian German zimmes, zimbes “compote, stew” and Swiss German zimis “lunch.” The German noun is a compound word, originally a prepositional phrase, formed from Middle High German z, ze, an unstressed variant of zuo “at, to” (German zu) and the Middle High German noun imbiz, imbīz “snack, light meal” (German Imbiss). Imbiz is a derivative of Old High German enbīzan “to take nourishment,” which is related to English in and bite. Tzimmes entered English in the late 19th century.