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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Definitions for behindhand

  1. late; tardy.
  2. behind in progress; backward: They were never behindhand in following artistic fads.
  3. in debt or arrears.

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Citations for behindhand
"Hum!" cried the old gentleman, consulting a watch he carried. "I think we are twenty minutes behindhand." Horatio Alger, Randy of the River, 1906
I was going to pop in to see if Miss Harner was O.K., but I was a bit behindhand after collecting some flowerpots and a bucket and that what had been blown into our hedge. Miss Read, Gossip from Thrush Green, 1981
Origin of behindhand
The adverb behindhand is formed on the analogy of the much earlier beforehand, which dates from the 13th century. Behindhand is especially but not exclusively concerned with monetary transactions, but from early in its history had the sense “out of date, behind the times.” Behindhand entered English in the 16th century.
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