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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Definitions for craic

  1. fun and entertainment, especially good conversation and company (often preceded by the): Come for the beer, lads, and stay for the craic!
  2. mischievous fun; laughs: We did it just for the craic.

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Citations for craic
The public bar's men only so I haven't been in since we got back. ... I've been missing the craic there. Patrick Taylor, Fingal O'Reilly, Irish Doctor, 2013
The craic now was two doors down, where a bunch of lads were drinking Harp lager, eating fish and chips, and playing what sounded like Dinah Washington from a portable record player on a long lead outside Bobby Cameron's house. Adrian McKinty, Gun Street Girl, 2015
Origin of craic
Craic is an Irish Gaelic spelling that represents the English pronunciation of English crack and was then taken back into English. English crack was apparently introduced from Scots into Irish English via Northern Ireland (Ulster) in the mid-20th century and was thereafter adopted into Irish Gaelic and Irish English. In Scottish English and in northern English dialect, crack has the sense “chat, gossip,” which may be the source of craic. Alternatively, craic may be a shortening of crack “witty remark, wisecrack.” Craic entered English in the 20th century.