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Friday, April 27, 2018

Definitions for treen

  1. made entirely of wood.
  2. treenware.

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Citations for treen
Much skill had they in runes, and were exceeding deft in scoring them on treen bowls, and on staves, and door-posts and roof-beams and standing-beds and such like things. William Morris, The Roots of the Mountains, 1889
In old time we had treen chalices and golden priests; but now we have treen priests and golden chalices. John Jewel (1522–1571), "Sermon on Haggai," The Works of John Jewel, 1847
Origin of treen
The adjective treen dates to Old English (about 1000). Its original adjective meanings “made of tree (i.e., wood), wooden; pertaining to trees or a tree” are obsolete or rare in standard English. Its current sense as a noun meaning “(small) articles or utensils made of wood, woodenware” dates from the 20th century.