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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Definitions for tussie-mussie

  1. a small bunch of flowers or herbs.
  2. a cone-shaped holder for a bouquet.

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Citations for tussie-mussie
The world would be a kinder and gentler place if we all exchanged tussie-mussies instead of badmouthing people behind their backs or unfriending them on Facebook. Claire Cook, The Wildwater Walking Club: Back on Track, 2017
When those were finished, they turned to the tussie-mussies--handheld herbal nosegays in which each plant has a special significance--for the women guests. Susan Wittig Albert, Lavender Lies, 1999
Origin of tussie-mussie
There is no clear etymology for tussie-mussie “bunch of flowers, nosegay.” The Middle English form, tusemose, and the 17th-century form tussimussie, suggest an assumed Middle English tus or tusse “cluster of flowers.” Tussie-mussie entered English in the mid-15th century.