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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Definitions for bezonian

  1. Archaic. an indigent rascal; scoundrel.

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Citations for bezonian
Great men oft die by vile bezonians ... William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2, 1623
To Juan, who was nearest him, address'd / His thanks, and hopes to take the city soon / Not reckoning him to be a "base Bezonian" / (As Pistol calls it) but a young Livonian. Lord Byron, Don Juan, 1819–24
Origin of bezonian
The root of the archaic English noun bezonian is the Italian noun bisogno “need, lack,” also in the late 16th century, “raw, needy recruit (newly landed in Italy from Spain).” In English bezonian has always had this meaning, but also, by an easy extension, ”poor beggar, indigent rascal.” Bezonian entered English in the late 16th century.