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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Definitions for lateritious

  1. of the color of brick; brick-red.

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Citations for lateritious
He scanned the sooted pillars and lateritious stone, and her spark began to fade for him. David Whellams, Walking Into the Ocean, 2012
The powders made from this bark are at first of a light brown, tinged with a dusky yellow; and the longer they are kept, the more they incline to a cinnamon or lateritious colour, which he believed was the case with the Peruvian bark and powders. Reverend Edward Stone, "On the Success of the Bark of the Willow in the Cure of Agues," April 25, 1763, The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. XII, 1763–1769
Origin of lateritious
The very rare adjective lateritious comes from Latin latericius (also lateritius) “made of brick,” a derivative of the noun later “brick, tile, block, ingot.” In English lateritious is used in medicine, biology, and geology to describe the color of urine, sediment, or stone. Lateritious entered English in the 17th century.
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