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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Definitions for blamestorming

  1. the process of assigning blame for an outcome or situation.

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Citations for blamestorming
Unfortunately, the common behavior exhibited many businesses is to have a meeting "the morning after" for a "blamestorming" session. This is where the CEO or manager sits around with their team and figures out who is to blame for the company's latest failure. , "Are You a 'Blamestormer'?" Forbes, May 1, 2012
And as long as we're blamestorming here, how about the developers who turned the Rollman property into McMansions in the early 1990s? B. J. Foreman, "Herd Mentality," Cincinnati, September 2009
Origin of blamestorming
Blamestorming was originally a colloquialism in American English, modeled on the much earlier (1907) brainstorming. Blamestorming entered English in the 1990s.
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