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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Definitions for mind-pop

  1. Psychology Informal. a word, phrase, image, or sound that comes into the mind suddenly and involuntarily and is usually related to a recent experience.

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Citations for mind-pop
Mind-pops are more often words or phrases than images or sounds and they usually happen when someone is in the middle of a habitual activity that does not demand much concentration—perhaps when they are brushing their teeth or tying their shoes. Ferris Jabr, "Mind-Pops: Psychologists Begin to Study an Unusual form of Proustian Memory," Scientific American, May 23, 2012
... researchers can now see that having a mind pop activates the same region of the brain that's engaged when you're open to experience. ... Even when they are mixed and conflicted, they are signs of your creative brain in action. Srini Pillay, Tinker Dabble Try, 2017
Origin of mind-pop
Mind-pop was coined by Austrian psychologist George Mandler (1924–2016). It was first recorded in 2000–05.