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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Definitions for makebate

  1. Archaic. a person who causes contention or discord.

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Citations for makebate
... he was no makebate or stirrer up of quarrels; he would rather be a peacemaker. Sir Walter Scott, A Legend of Montrose, 1819
Trying to set you against me, the spiteful old make-bate, and no one knows how long she will be here ... Charlotte Mary Yonge, Under the Storm, 1887
Origin of makebate
The rare noun makebate comes from the common English verb make and the uncommon, obsolete noun bate “strife, discord,” a derivative of the Middle English verb baten “to argue, contend; (of a bird) to beat the wings” (cf. abate), a borrowing from Old French batre “to beat.” Makebate entered English in the 16th century.