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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Definitions for eggbeater

  1. Slang. a helicopter.
  2. a small rotary beater for beating eggs, whipping cream, etc.

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Citations for eggbeater
With all aboard, the door of the egg-beater was closed. Harry Lever, "Helicopter Ambulance," Flying, April 1953
Just keep that eggbeater you're flying below sixty-five thousand feet and you'll be just fine. Dick Couch and George Galdorisi, Out of the Ashes, 2014
Origin of eggbeater
Eggbeater in the sense “small, hand-operated rotary appliance used for beating eggs” has existed in English since the 1830s. Eggbeater in the sense “helicopter” was originally an American slang term used by pilots of fixed-wing aircraft for the newfangled helicopter, the rotary action of whose blades looked to them somewhat like the rotary action of the familiar kitchen appliance. Eggbeater in the aircraft sense dates from the 1930s.
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