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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Definitions for vogie

  1. Scot. conceited; proud.
  2. Scot. cheerful; merry.

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Citations for vogie
... a most comical character, so vogie of his honours and dignities in the town council that he could not get the knight told often enough what a load aboon the burden he had in keeping a' things douce and in right regulation amang the bailies. John Galt, Ringan Gilhaize; or, The Covenanters, 1823
My only beast, I had nae mae, / And vow but I was vogie! Robert Burns, "My Hoggie," 1788
Origin of vogie
The adjective vogie is Scottish through and through, and all the citations of the word come from Scottish authors. Vogie has no good etymology: it is tempting to etymologize the word as vogue plus the suffix -ie, but the meanings of vogue and vogie do not match. Vogie entered English in the 18th century.