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Monday, August 06, 2018

Definitions for chevelure

  1. a head of hair.

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Citations for chevelure
The arrangement of this chevelure is performed for the chiefs by professional barbers, and is a work of great labour. Six hours are sometimes occupied in dressing a head; and the process is repeated at intervals of two or three weeks. Robert Gordon Latham, The Natural History of the Varieties of Man, 1850
... time has stolen away his raven locks, and given him a chevelure of snow instead. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, The Mysterious Lodger, 1850
Origin of chevelure
The pronunciation of English chevelure, accented on the final syllable, reveals the still unnaturalized status of the word after nearly six centuries. Chevelure looks like--and is--a French word meaning “head of hair, wig.” In Old French the word was spelled cheveleüre, from Latin capillātūra “hairlike flaw in a gem or gemstone,” a derivative of the adjective capillātus “longhaired,” itself a derivative of capillus “the hair on the head” (and like English hair a collective noun). Chevelure entered English in the 15th century.