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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Definitions for atweel

  1. Scot. surely.

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Citations for atweel
Atweel, I can do that, and help her to buy her parapharnauls. John Galt, The Entail, 1823
Atweel, I dinna ken yet. George MacDonald, Robert Falconer, 1868
Origin of atweel
Atweel is an alteration and contraction of Scots (I) wat weel, (I) wot well in standard if archaic English, meaning (I) know well in modern standard English. Unsurprisingly, atweel is found only in Scottish authors, the two most famous being Robert Burns (1759–1796) and Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832). Atweel entered English in the 18th century.