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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Definitions for brusquerie

  1. abruptness and bluntness in manner; brusqueness.

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Citations for brusquerie
... I could see that she was doing her best to irritate me with the brusquerie of her answers. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Gambler (1866), translated by C. J. Hogarth, 1917
I hope you have not been so foolish as to take offence at any little brusquerie of mine ... Edgar Allan Poe, "The Gold-Bug," Philadelphia Dollar Magazine, 1843
Origin of brusquerie
Brusquerie, which still feels like a French word, is a derivative of the adjective brusque. The French adjective comes from Italian brusco “rough, tart,” a special use of the noun brusco “butcher's broom” (the name of a shrub). Brusco may come from Latin bruscum “a knot or growth on a maple tree”; or brusco may be a conflation of Latin ruscus, ruscum “butcher’s broom” and Vulgar Latin brūcus “heather.” Brusquerie entered English in the mid-18th century.