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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Definitions for impresario

  1. a person who organizes or manages public entertainments, especially operas, ballets, or concerts.
  2. any manager, director, or the like.

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Citations for impresario
Liam Neeson plays a world-weary, traveling impresario with but one act to promote: an armless and legless artist (Harry Melling) who recites passages from the Bible and Shakespeare and the Gettysburg Address ... Richard Roeper, "'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs': The Coen brothers go west in 6 diverse ways," Chicago Sun-Times, November 16, 2018
... the loveliest moments in the life of the impresario were when the trapeze artist set foot on the rope ladder, and in a flash, was finally hanging back up on his trapeze again. Franz Kafka (1883–1924), "First Sorrow," Konundrum, translated by Peter Wortsman, 2016
Origin of impresario
Impresario is an Italian noun, still unnaturalized in English (the Italian plural impresarii, impresari still occasionally occurs in English). In Italian an impresario is a contractor (in any kind of business), especially a manager or producer of operas and opera companies. The Italian word is formed from impresa “an undertaking,” a noun use of the past participle impreso from the Italian (and Vulgar Latin) verb imprendere, “to undertake,” and the noun suffix -ario, from Latin -arius. Impresario entered English in the 18th century.
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