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[shuh-rohn for 1 shar-uh n for 2–5]
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  1. Ariel,1928–2014, Israeli military and political leader; prime minister 2001–06.
  2. a fertile coastal plain in ancient Palestine: now a coastal region N of Tel Aviv in Israel.
  3. a city in W Pennsylvania.
  4. a town in E Massachusetts.
  5. Also Shar·en. a female given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “a plain or flat area.”
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  1. Ariel (ˈærɪəl). born 1928, Israeli soldier and politician; Likud prime minister (2001–06)


  1. Plain of Sharon a plain in W Israel, between the Mediterranean and the hills of Samaria, extending from Haifa to Tel Aviv
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fem. proper name; from the name of the fertile coastal plain between Jaffa and Mount Carmel, from Hebrew, short for yesharon, properly "the Plain," from stem of yashar "was straight, was even" (cf. Hebrew mishor "level land, plain"). A top-10 list name for girls born in the U.S. between 1943 and 1949.

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