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adjective, bawd·i·er, bawd·i·est.
  1. indecent; lewd; obscene: another of his bawdy stories.
  1. coarse or indecent talk or writing; bawdry; bawdiness: a collection of Elizabethan bawdy.

Origin of bawdy

First recorded in 1505–15; bawd + -y1
Related formsbawd·i·ly, adverbbawd·i·ness, noun


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1. lascivious, salacious, prurient, earthy, risqué, ribald, coarse, licentious, raunchy.
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British Dictionary definitions for bawdily


adjective bawdier or bawdiest
  1. (of language, plays, etc) containing references to sex, esp to be humorous
  1. obscenity or eroticism, esp in writing or drama
Derived Formsbawdily, adverbbawdiness, noun
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Word Origin and History for bawdily



late 14c., "soiled, dirty, filthy," from bawd + -y (2). Meaning "lewd" is from 1510s, from notion of "pertaining to or befitting a bawd;" usually of language (originally to talk bawdy).

Bawdy Basket, the twenty-third rank of canters, who carry pins, tape, ballads and obscene books to sell. [Grose, "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1785]

Related: Bawdily; bawdiness.

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