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  1. Sir Henry Hal·lett [hal-it] /ˈhæl ɪt/, 1875–1968, English physiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1936.
  2. Sir Thomas,died 1619, British colonial administrator in America: governor of Virginia 1614–16.
  3. a male or female given name.
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British Dictionary definitions for henry dale


  1. an open valley, usually in an area of low hills

Word Origin

Old English dæl; related to Old Frisian del, Old Norse dalr, Old High German tal valley


  1. Sir Henry Hallet. 1875–1968, English physiologist: shared a Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1936 with Otto Loewi for their work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses
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Word Origin and History for henry dale



Old English dæl "dale, valley, gorge," from Proto-Germanic *dalan "valley" (cf. Old Saxon, Dutch, Gothic dal, Old Norse dalr, Old High German tal, German Tal "valley"), from PIE *dhel- "a hollow" (cf. Old Church Slavonic dolu "pit," Russian dol "valley"). Preserved from extinction by Norse influence in north of England.

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henry dale in Medicine


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  1. British physiologist. He shared a 1936 Nobel Prize for work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses, particularly for the isolation and study of acetylcholine (1914).
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henry dale in Science


  1. British physiologist who discovered acetylcholine and, with Otto Loewi, investigated the chemical transmission of nerve impulses. For this work they shared the 1936 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine.
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