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[en-geyj-muh nt]
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  1. the act of engaging or the state of being engaged.
  2. an appointment or arrangement: a business engagement.
  3. betrothal: They announced their engagement.
  4. a pledge; an obligation or agreement: All his time seems to be taken up with social engagements.
  5. employment, or a period or post of employment, especially in the performing arts: Her engagement at the nightclub will last five weeks.
  6. an encounter, conflict, or battle: We have had two very costly engagements with the enemy this week alone.
  7. Mechanics. the act or state of interlocking.
  8. engagements, Commerce. financial obligations.

Origin of engagement

First recorded in 1615–25; engage + -ment
Related formsnon·en·gage·ment, nounre·en·gage·ment, noun


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4. contract, promise.
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British Dictionary definitions for non-engagement


  1. a pledge of marriage; betrothal
  2. an appointment or arrangement, esp for business or social purposes
  3. the act of engaging or condition of being engaged
  4. a promise, obligation, or other condition that binds
  5. a period of employment, esp a limited period
  6. an action; battle
  7. (plural) financial obligations
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Word Origin and History for non-engagement



c.1600, "formal promise," from engage + -ment. Meaning "battle, fight" is from 1660s; promise-of-marriage sense is from 1742; meaning "appointment" is from 1806.

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non-engagement in Medicine


  1. The entrance of the fetal head or presenting part into the upper opening of the maternal pelvis.
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