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[pey-shuh nt]
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  1. a person who is under medical care or treatment.
  2. a person or thing that undergoes some action.
  3. Archaic. a sufferer or victim.
  1. bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc., with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like.
  2. characterized by or expressing such a quality: a patient smile.
  3. quietly and steadily persevering or diligent, especially in detail or exactness: a patient worker.
  4. undergoing the action of another (opposed to agent).
  1. patient of,
    1. having or showing the capacity for endurance: a man patient of distractions.
    2. susceptible of: This statement is patient of criticism.

Origin of patient

1275–1325; Middle English pacient (adj. and noun) < Middle French < Latin patient- (stem of patiēns), present participle of patī to undergo, suffer, bear; see -ent
Related formspa·tient·less, adjectivepa·tient·ly, adverbpa·tient·ness, nouno·ver·pa·tient, adjectivequa·si-pa·tient, adjectivequa·si-pa·tient·ly, adverbsu·per·pa·tient, adjectivesu·per·pa·tient·ly, adverbun·pa·tient, adjectiveun·pa·tient·ly, adverb


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1. invalid. 4. uncomplaining, long-suffering, forbearing, resigned, passive, calm. 5. quiet, serene, unruffled, unexcited, self-possessed, composed. 6. sedulous, assiduous, untiring.


4. hostile. 5. impatient, agitated.
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Historical Examples

  • There is no parallel in history to the humiliation they have patiently borne.

    The Grand Old Man

    Richard B. Cook

  • And we did well to patiently abide the complete unfoldment of the Divine plan.

  • They were all to wait as patiently as possible till she came back.

    Four Girls and a Compact

    Annie Hamilton Donnell

  • I promptly refused, but patiently from time to time she repeated her request.

    The Harbor

    Ernest Poole

  • It is dreadful, replied Crawford, but I will endeavor to bear it patiently.

    Chronicles of Border Warfare

    Alexander Scott Withers

British Dictionary definitions for patiently


  1. enduring trying circumstances with even temper
  2. tolerant; understanding
  3. capable of accepting delay with equanimity
  4. persevering or diligenta patient worker
  5. archaic admitting of a certain interpretation
  1. a person who is receiving medical care
  2. rare a person or thing that is the recipient of some action
Derived Formspatiently, adverb

Word Origin

C14: see patience
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Word Origin and History for patiently



mid-14c., "enduring without complaint," from Old French pacient and directly from Latin patientem (see patience). Related: Patiently.



"suffering or sick person under medical treatment," late 14c., from Old French pacient (n.), from the adjective, from Latin patientem (see patience).

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patiently in Medicine


  1. One who receives medical attention, care, or treatment.
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