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  1. a fold or wrinkle; crease.
verb (used with or without object)
  1. to make or become creased or wrinkled.

Origin of ruck2

First recorded in 1780–90, ruck is from the Old Norse word hrukka a wrinkle
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Examples from the Web for rucked

Historical Examples

  • Added to this, Russia rucked on him and his Highness fell into disgrace.

    London in the Sixties

    One of the Old Brigade

  • As it is, we have to keep it hanging on the wall, where it cannot get “rucked” or creased.

  • He was wearing trousers, and his trousers had rucked up to his knees.

  • Not a bit of it; on the contrary he rucked back at his bridle so violently as nearly to tear it out of my hand.

    A Frontier Mystery

    Bertram Mitford

  • Skirt and a cream linen blazer that rucked up over her shoulders, moving restlessly.

British Dictionary definitions for rucked


  1. a large number or quantity; mass, esp of ordinary or undistinguished people or things
  2. (in a race) a group of competitors who are well behind the leaders at the finish
  3. rugby a loose scrum that forms around the ball when it is on the ground
  4. Australian rules football the three players, two ruckmen and a rover, that do not have fixed positions but follow the ball closely
  1. (intr) rugby to try to win the ball by advancing over it when it is on the ground, driving opponents backward in the process

Word Origin

C13 (meaning ``heap of firewood''): perhaps from Scandinavian; compare Old Norse hraukr rick 1


  1. a wrinkle, crease, or fold
  1. (usually foll by up) to become or make wrinkled, creased, or puckered

Word Origin

C18: from Scandinavian; related to Old Norse hrukka


  1. prison slang a fight

Word Origin

C20: short for ruckus


  1. military slang a rucksack
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