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Thotmes I

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  1. Thutmose I.
Also Thoth·mes I [thoth-meez, -mes, toht-, thohth-] /ˈθɒθ miz, -mɛs, ˈtoʊt-, ˈθoʊθ-/.

Thutmose I

[thoot-moh-suh, -mohs]
  1. flourished c1500 b.c., Egyptian ruler.
Also Thotmes I, Thothmes I, Thut·mo·sis I [thoot-moh-sis] /θutˈmoʊ sɪs/.
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Thutmose I

  1. died c. 1500 bc, king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty, who extended his territory in Nubia and Syria and enlarged the Temple of Amon at Karnak
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