About This Word


What does DIAF mean?

DIAF is an internet slang acronym meaning die in a fire.

Related words:

  • diafer
  • JOAB
  • FOAC

Who uses DIAF?

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For example

As i reflect on the pain I am still in, I can say I'm not medically equipped to drink with Scots. Also the universe can diaf

@quinnnorton, November, 2015

New Twitter feature. Half the time when I'm scrolling down, Twitter helpfully jumps me back to the very top. And by helpful I mean DIAF.

@physicsgeek, November, 2015

I need a break tbh. Put her in the mental ward for awhile offscreen. Have Chad constantly visit her so we do t have to see him either. Stefan can go DIAF

@oriolessoapfan, May, 2018

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