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What does DHV mean?

DHV is an acronym used in the incel community. It stands for a display of higher value, or an action displayed by someone in a public setting that increases their sexual value.

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Examples of DHV

DHV hobbies are what life is all about. I believe one should do them regardless of who likes them as long as it gets you fired up, and gives you the big happy.
Christoff, February, 2017
Turn it not only around in looks, but also story-wise: from a medical problem (potentially signalling a history as a weak, sickly child) into a DHV story of you being in a fight that could have ended in death (signalling a strong man that will take risks and is unafraid of fighting)
Sgt, January, 2015
5……Therefore, our male paradigm has been needled and cherry-picked by weak men who sought to destroy our nation from within, and their effort will continue to be reinforced by stupid men who seek to perpetuate their bullshit as a form of DHV. Even just to finally get to feel like men.
Yollo Comanche, February, 2018

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