1. Words We Wouldn’t Have Without Books

  2. Words All Book Lovers Should be Using

  3. Fictional Characters, Now Real Words

    These fictional characters had such unique personalities that their names became words in the English language.

  4. Real World Words of Harry Potter

    Do you know why we non-magical folks are referred to as muggles in the world of Harry Potter?

  5. 7 Words with Real Character

  6. Extra! Extra! Stories of Journalism Jargon

  7. Want to pack more punch than a metaphor provides? Consider hypocatastasis

    Metaphors and similes are figures of speech used to add flair and/or humor to a phrase. These popular rhetorical devices are all well and good, but sometimes you just need to get to the point; enter hypocatastasis. Hypo is derived from the Greek “under,” cata comes from the Ancient Greek kata, meaning “down from, or down to,’ and stasis is

  8. Dear diary . . . What’s the word for the qualities that make your writing unique?

    Science magazine recently released a study on the effects of diary writing for college and high school students. The results showed that students experiencing test anxiety and who wrote about their disquiet in a diary right before the exam performed better on the test by half a grade. Dictionaries and diaries are old friends; what better way to learn new words than expressing your thoughts …