Word Trends & Stories

  1. “Hispanic” vs. “Latino”: When To Use Each Term

    From boxes on census forms to drop-down menus on job applications, we often see Hispanic and Latino positioned side by side, seemingly as interchangeable terms to describe the race and heritage of a population that makes up nearly 20% of the United States. It’s easy to see why these two words are so often conflated and frequently confused. But Hispanic and Latino are properly used …

  2. What Is Accent Prestige Theory?

    No accent is more correct than another. And, here’s the irony. None of us talk the same way all the time. So why do we think some accents sound better than others?
  3. Race vs. Ethnicity: Why These Terms Are So Complex

    Historic protests against racial inequality. National debates over offensive names of sports team names and conflicts over the place of Confederate monuments in our culture. Arguments about border walls, language barriers—rising tensions over immigration despite an increasingly diverse populace. In this cultural moment, the concepts of race and ethnicity have never been more important to grasp. They’ve also never been so complicated to untangle. The …

  4. Words That The Internet Has Changed

    Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media, confused by all of the new slang out there. Well we asked all of you to tell us about the words you've seen change in meaning on social media.
  5. What Are All Of The Different Ways To Pluralize “You”?

    What's up you guys?! Or wait, should it be what's up y'all? Let's break down all of the ways you can address the plural you.
  6. Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference?

    As if the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t already challenging enough, the US will be holding a general election in the midst of it. Many people are rightfully concerned that traditional, in-person voting could spread COVID-19, and so some states are changing (or considering changing) their voting rules to make it easier for eligible people to vote by mail. Voting by mail can be done by what’s …

  7. How Would You Describe Millennials In One Word?

    Millennials were born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s. We asked 4 people from that generation to describe millennials in one word.
  8. The Most Viewed Emoji On Dictionary.com: Do You Know What They Mean? 

    July 17 is World Emoji Day, a day to celebrate all of those wonderful smileys and symbols you use to amuse your friends and confuse your grandparents. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the most popular emoji that our users have been looking up on Dictionary.com since the last World Emoji day. (It was quite a different world then, wasn’t it?) But first, you might be …

  9. New Words We Created Because Of Coronavirus

  10. What Does The Term “Nonbinary” Really Mean?

    by Rory Gory Many people are raised to believe that gender and sex are the same thing, and that there are two options available to us: male or female. But neither sex nor gender is inherently binary—the belief that people must be classified into one of these two categories. When something can’t be placed in two boxes, we call it nonbinary, meaning “not consisting of, …