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    Why Do Journalists Avoid The Word “Liar”?

    by Ashley Austrew Politicians aren’t exactly known for being honest. President Nixon had the Watergate scandal. President Bill Clinton lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. And, in the first two years Donald Trump was president, the Washington Post reported he’s made over 8,000 “false or misleading claims” to the American public. Still, it is rare to see a headline declaring any president or politician a …

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    French-Inspired Slang That Makes English Sound Très Chic

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    What Are The Differences Between These Emoji Faces?

  4. Have You Ever Experienced Language Denialism?

    What makes something a “real” language? For most of us, real language is the language we speak and the languages that large groups of other people speak. You may not know how to speak French, for instance, but many other people do, and it’s an official language of many countries, so clearly it must be “real.” But, what about different dialects of languages, regional languages, …

  5. Dictionary.com’s Most Searched Words In 2019 So Far

    We’re only a quarter of the way through the year, but already we’ve seen some significant trends in searches on Dictionary.com in 2019. Politics, as ever, has propelled many of the lookups, but that’s not the only driver. Sneak peek: Top terms range from pad thai to deep space. Here are the words setting the search trends through March 2019: 1. Exonerate Our top lookup …

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    Is There A Difference Between “Calling In” And “Calling Out”?

    by Ashley Austrew When you hear the phrases calling out and calling in, you probably picture someone taking a sick day at their job. And, there’s a whole lot of debate about which phrase you use when doing that. Twitter, go! The sniffles are affecting most people this year. If you have to miss work due to illness, do you call IN sick or call …

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    You’re Probably Already Speaking This Jamaican Slang

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    Did You Know How This Word Was Formed?

    Words are funny things. For one thing, they are always changing. Consider lit, which, conventionally, refers to “lighting something up, e.g., a lit candle.” But, in slang, lit means something is “excellent.” It’s hot, it’s on fire—which are just more examples of how we play with words. For another, they keep secret stories of the past. Did you know daisy literally means “day’s eye,” named for the way …

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    These Words Can Be Real Debbie Downers

  10. How To Speak Queer Eye

    It didn’t take very long for the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye to sneak into America’s chests and start fiddling with those heartstrings. But, it wasn’t until season two (season three is out March 15th, 2019, FYI) that the Fab 5 worked the lexical magic that made the team at Dictionary.com stand up and take notice. We can believe. Spoiler alert … some Queer Eye …

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