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  1. Excelsior, Stay In Your Lane, And Other Trending Words This Week

    From the loss of one of the world’s superheroes to the happenings on the world stage, take a look at the news stories that made people scurry to Dictionary.com to find meaning. Excelsior Marvel fans mourned the loss of one of the comic book industries superheroes this week. Stan Lee died at age 95, leaving behind the legendary characters he created or co-created, including Black …

  2. Why We Say “Boys Will Be Boys” But Not “Girls Will Be Girls”

    Boys will be boys. It’s an idiom we hear tossed around far too often. But, what does it actually mean, and why did we ever start saying it? And … what about girls—who or what will they be? Who decided boys will be boys, anyway? The phrase boys will be boys was first recorded in English in 1589. It originated from a Latin proverb: “Children (boys) …

  3. The Suffocating History Behind The Word “Nightmare”

    It's dark. You're alone. Was that a footstep? Did something just brush up against you? You fight to get up, but you're stuck ... right on top of you is a horrifying nightmare. Sorry, did you say a nightmare was on top of me?
  4. Words You Didn’t Know Came From NYC

    Ah, New York—the city that gave the world the Trumps, the 2016 Broadway revival of Cats, and countless regional slang terms that made their way into the national lexicon. We all know that terms like Wall Street and fuggedaboutit are classic five-borough speak, but check out the following Big Apple words that are used nationwide. flea market The Dutch were the first immigrants to New …

  5. The Social Justice Dictionary You Didn’t Know You Needed

  6. Incumbent, Misogynistic and Other Trending Words This Week

    The midterm elections weren’t just sending folks to the polls. Plenty of you landed on Dictionary.com looking for answers. So what did we learn? Let’s review this week in words! Incumbent, House of Representatives, and gubernatorial The midterm elections dominated headlines this week, so it’s no surprise that more than a few election-related words showed up in our trending list too. Incumbent had a 620% …

  7. Made-up Words Said By The People In Charge

  8. This Week’s Quiz Is Not For Grumphies

    Ghosting got you down? Then take a bite out of this week’s Word of the Day Quiz. If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser. Interested in Words of the Day from the past? Check out this one that we brought to life …     Tell us your favorite word from this week below (and share it with your friends …

  9. Footages, Religiosity, And Other Trending Words This Week

    Halloween. Cardi B. And, of course, the goings on in Washington D.C. They all had an effect on Dictionary.com’s trending words list. But, how much and what words? Dig in, and find out! Footages Convinced Cardi B had made up the word footages in an Instagram video, thousands of fans rushed to Dictionary.com to find out whether the “I Like It” singer had just mangled …

  10. Top 10 Acronyms That Will Make Your Life Easier

    These are the top 10 acronyms you should be using to make your life easier ... and more fun.

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