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Friday, January 29, 2010

Definitions for verboten

  1. Forbidden, as by law; prohibited.

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Citations for verboten
I'd observed several people taking photographs of these with their camera-phones, although a sign on a tripod just inside the door announced that all photography was verboten. Stephen King, Duma Key: A Novel
Small assemblages by Hermann Glöckner, for example, should come as a revelation even to Germans. Glöckner, who died in 1987 at 98, concocted little sculptural gems in his studio, just for himself: elegant Constructivist improvisations, talismans of verboten modernism, made by folding, twisting and tying together discarded matchboxes, cut-up soap containers, tin pots, wood blocks and newspaper. Michael Kimmelman, New York Times
Origin of verboten
Verboten is from German, past participle of verbieten, to forbid, from Middle High German, which derives from Old High German farbiotan.