1. nit; nits.

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Symbol, Chemistry.
  1. niton.

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  1. Northwest Territories, Canada (approved for postal use).

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  1. a contraction of not: didn't; hadn't; couldn't; shouldn't; won't; mustn't.

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  1. New Testament.

  2. Northern Territory.

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  • One passage will suffice to show that the rabbis during this period were well acquainted with the N. T.

    Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ | Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
  • And lce wucan wircen t h man hte btan rim, n t middan-wintra, oeru t Estran, ridde to Gangdagan.

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abbreviation for
  1. National Trust

  2. New Testament

  1. Northern Territory (of Australia)

  2. (esp in postal addresses) Northwest Territories (of Australia)

  3. (esp in postal addresses) Nunavut

  4. no-trump

  5. (in Ireland) National Teacher (teacher in a National School)

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contraction of
  1. not: used as an enclitic after be and have when they function as main verbs and after auxiliary verbs or verbs operating syntactically as auxiliaries: can't; don't; shouldn't; needn't; daren't; isn't

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