Aaron's rod

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a rod, inscribed with the name of Aaron, that miraculously blossomed and yielded almonds. Numbers 17:8. Previously, the rod had changed into a serpent. Exodus 7:10.
any of various plants having a tall, flowering stem, as the goldenrod or mullein.
a smooth-stemmed herb, Thermopsis villosa (or T. caroliniana), of the legume family, found from North Carolina to Georgia, having yellow flowers in stiffly erect clusters and hoary pods.
Architecture. a convex molding having regularly spaced representations of leaves or scrollwork.



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Origin of Aaron's rod

First recorded in 1825–35 for non-Biblical use
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British Dictionary definitions for Aaron's rod

Aaron's rod


the rod used by Aaron in performing a variety of miracles in Egypt. It later blossomed and produced almonds (Numbers 17)
a widespread Eurasian scrophulariaceous plant, Verbascum thapsus, having woolly leaves and tall erect spikes of yellow flowers
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