legume family

  1. the large plant family Leguminosae (or Fabaceae), typified by herbaceous plants, shrubs, trees, and vines having usually compound leaves, clusters of irregular, keeled flowers, and fruit in the form of a pod splitting along both sides, and including beans, peas, acacia, alfalfa, clover, indigo, lentil, mesquite, mimosa, and peanut.

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How to use legume family in a sentence

  • This is frequently the cause of failure in growing alfalfa, soybeans, cowpeas and less well known members of the legume family.

    A Living from the Land | William B. Duryee
  • Peanuts really belong to the legume family, but are quite as good as any kind of nuts.

    Vitality Supreme | Bernarr Macfadden
  • It lays its eggs upon the upper surface of the leaflets of locusts and other plants of the legume family.

    Butterflies Worth Knowing | Clarence M. Weed