abducens nerve

noun Anatomy.

either one of the sixth pair of cranial nerves composed of motor fibers that innervate the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.

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Origin of abducens nerve

First recorded in 1900–05

Also called abducens, abducent nerve.

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British Dictionary definitions for abducent nerve

abducens nerve


either of the sixth pair of cranial nerves, which supply the lateral rectus muscle of the eye

Word Origin for abducens nerve

see abducent

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Medicine definitions for abducent nerve

abducent nerve


The small motor nerve supplying the lateral rectus muscle of the eye, originating in the dorsal part of the tegmentum of the pons, passing through the cavernous sinus, and entering the orbit through the superior orbital fissure.sixth cranial nerve

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Science definitions for abducent nerve

abducent nerve


The sixth cranial nerve, one of a pair of small motor nerves supplying the eye muscles that control lateral movement. It originates in the pons of the brain, passes through a large venous space known as the cavernous sinus, and enters the orbit of the eye.
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