[ uh-kom-uh-dey-shuhn ]
/ əˌkɒm əˈdeɪ ʃən /
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Origin of accommodation

1595–1605; <Latin accommodātiōn- (stem of accommodātiō) adjustment. See accommodate, -ion

OTHER WORDS FROM accommodation

ac·com·mo·da·tion·al, adjectivenon·ac·com·mo·da·tion, nounpre·ac·com·mo·da·tion, noun
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What does accommodation mean?

Accommodation is commonly used in the plural form (accommodations) to refer to lodging—a place to stay, usually temporarily, as in hotel accommodations.

Sometimes, accommodations means both food and lodging, as in This resort is all-inclusive, so all of our accommodations are included in the cost. 

In the context of transportation, accommodations refers to one’s seat on a vehicle, such as an airplane or train, or one’s lodging on a train or ship that has rooms (cabins) for sleeping.

More generally, accommodation means the act of accommodating. The verb accommodate has several meanings.

To accommodate someone is to do them a favor or meet their needs or wants in some way. For example: Your constant accommodation of people doesn’t leave any time for yourself.

To accommodate a request is to honor it—to do what has been asked. For example: Your accommodation of my special requests has been very kind. 

The adjective accommodating means eager or willing to help or please in this way.

Accommodate can also mean to make or have room for, as in This bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers. 

Similarly, accommodate can mean to provide someone with a place to stay. For example: Unfortunately, the accommodation of that many people is not possible at this hotel. 

Example: What were the accommodations like at your hotel? Did your room have a nice view?

Where does accommodation come from?

The first records of the word accommodation come from the 1500s. Its base word, accommodate, is from the Latin verb accommodāre, meaning “to make fit.” Its root word, the Latin commod(us), means “fitting” or “suitable.”

Accommodation and accommodations are usually used in the context of fitting people in or suiting their needs. Sometimes, the accommodation of others means ignoring your own needs or making some kind of sacrifice to do what they want or need. When it’s used in this way, the word sometimes implies that you’re going through too much trouble to please a person—that you’re bending over backwards for them.

Accommodations is most commonly used in the context of hotel rooms. When you book accommodations for a trip, you reserve your place to stay (and sometimes also make plans for where you will eat).

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How is accommodation used in real life?

Accommodation can be used in many different contexts. When the term is used in the context of lodging, the plural accommodations is usually used.


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The accommodation of the needs of disabled people should be a priority in every workplace.

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British Dictionary definitions for accommodation

/ (əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃən) /

lodging or board and lodging
adjustment, as of differences or to new circumstances; adaptation, settlement, or reconciliation
something fulfilling a need, want, etc; convenience or facility
physiol the automatic or voluntary adjustment of the shape of the lens of the eye for far or near vision
willingness to help or oblige
commerce a loan, usually made as an act of favour by a bank before formal credit arrangements are agreed
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Medical definitions for accommodation

[ ə-kŏm′ə-dāshən ]

The act or state of adjustment or adaptation.
The automatic adjustment in the focal length of the lens of the eye to permit retinal focus of images of objects at varying distances.
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Scientific definitions for accommodation

[ ə-kŏm′ə-dāshən ]

The adjustment in the focal length of the lens of the eye. Accommodation permits images at different distances to be focused on the retina.
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