[ uh-koo-ter-muhnt, -truh- ]
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nounUsually accouterments .
  1. a clothing accessory or an accessory piece of equipment: These nautical cufflinks are the perfect accouterment to any boating enthusiast's dress shirt.You will need sleeping bags and other accouterments for camping.

  2. a piece of equipment carried by a soldier, excluding weapons and clothing.

  1. a characteristic feature, object, or sign associated with a particular role, situation, etc: I take the snob to be someone with an exaggerated respect for wealth and all the other accouterments of status.Its members all have children, husbands, and the other accouterments of middle-class, American suburban living.

Origin of accouterment

First recorded in 1540–50; from Middle French accou(s)trement; see origin at accouter, -ment
  • Also especially British, ac·cou·tre·ment .

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