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/ əˈkuːtərmənt; əˈkuːtrəmənt; əˈkuːtə- /


  1. equipment worn by soldiers in addition to their clothing and weapons
  2. usually plural clothing, equipment, etc; trappings

    the correct accoutrements for any form of sport

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Example Sentences

The land, which once hosted Carpenter’s heavy dredging equipment and other machinery, right now hosts superyachts and other accoutrements of harbor life.

It will resemble a pick-up game in an empty gym—just with a few expensive accoutrements to make viewers feel a little bit like they’re still watching basketball in a time before coronavirus.

From Quartz

My vehement dislike for the accoutrement stems back to 1982 when I was asked to wear pink roses in my hair to a family wedding.

OJST is motivated by a similar aim to spread awareness, although one more focused on the practice of sex and its accoutrement.

This more intimate look at the first ladies—or at least their accoutrement—opens to the public Nov. 19.

Among these wretches, almost wholly in tatters, some were seen in bizarre accoutrement.

She sewed upon every accoutrement a design done in scarlet beads, showing a picture of a little red foot.

A stove, blankets, cooking utensils, axe and shovel usually formed but a part of their varied accoutrement.

Strange to relate, this ludicrous accoutrement was far from moving me to laughter.

These men were lithe and active, able to dance with amazing grace in chaps and the full accoutrement of the rider.